Feed Lot Break Even

The feed lot budget is divided into two segments. The budget on the left is for the user to perform a break-even analysis for potential or actual scenarios involving the feeding of cattle in a confined feed lot situation. The budget on the right is a reverse feed lot break- even. After all data is entered, the budget will give the user the price that can initially be paid in order to achieve the performance goals of the user. Please remember when entering purchase or sale price to differentiate between fields asking for cwt or lbs.

Feed Lot Break Even

Weight: Equity Requirement (%):
Purchase Price(per cwt): $ Days on Feed:
Average Daily Gain: Interest Rate (%):
Conversion Estimated Sale Price (per cwt): $
Ration Cost Per Ton: $ Freight (per load): $
Vet/Med (per head): $
Death Loss (%):

Purchase Price: $ Freight: $
Ration Cost: $ Net Total: $
Vet/Med: $ Interest Per Head: $
Death Loss: $ Total Cost: $

Amount Financed

Purchase Price: $ Freight: $
Ration Cost: $ Total Financed: $
Vet/Med: $ Equity Requirement: $
Death Loss: $
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Break Even

In Date(MMDDYYYY): Out Date
Total Out Weight: Break Even Price: $
Profit Per Head: $ Return on Equity(%):
Cost of Grain: $ Return on Investment(%):
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Reverse Break Even

In Date(MMDDYYYY): Death Loss (%):
Out Date: Equity Requirement (%):
In Weight: Days on Feed:
Out Weight Interest Rate (%):
Average Daily Gain: Freight (per load): $
Conversion: Futures (per cwt): $
Ration Cost Per Ton: $ Basis (per cwt): $
Vet / Med (per head): $ Sale Price: $

Total Ration Cost: $ Interest: $
Vet / Med: $ Total Cost: $
Death Loss: $ Desired Profit: $
Freight: $ Maximum Price Paid: $
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