Mission Statement

"Your Ag Now is a profit-driven, break-even analysis tool based on your personal data and that of the current and projected livestock markets."

Your Ag Now is a product that was created to help ranchers and farmers across the country have a better understanding of how you have reached your "bottom line," whether that be for a profit or for a loss.  In a business with so many uncontrollable variables that can affect the outcome of your operation, Your Ag Now was produced to help you manage the variables you can control. Whether you own land, lease it, or feed cattle in a feed lot, all you have to do is turn it over to Your Ag Now so it can start processing your "information." The word "information" in this text basically means all of your expenses that would make up your cow cost. Your Ag Now is a program that is trained to take that "information" and process it down to a simple break-even. It does not matter if you are selling three weight calves out of Florida or you are buying Holstein cows from California, Your Ag Now will work in all regions of the world. Every individual has different variables that make up his break-even, but what is great about Your Ag Now is it just knows the numbers and will take those different variables and give you an answer the second you fill in the blank.
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